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"Bon Rappetite is the world's first hip hop restaurant. Featuring a delicious menu that caters to the ballers. Relax at the bar with a signature cocktail, like the refreshing Long Island Ice-T, or eat so many shrimp you get iodine poisoning in our relaxing dining area. One thing's for sure, you better bring your rappetite.™"

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Mon - Sun 07:00 am - 10:00 am


Mon - Sun 11:30 am - 03:30 pm


Mon - Sun 06:00 pm - 23:30 pm

Happy Hour

Mon - Fri 01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

This Week Special!


Pone Thugs & Hominy

Food 1Succulent pork tenderloin stuffed with fresh ground hominy, fresh herbs, and bleu cheese, wrapped in crispy bacon with a green pepper sauce. Served with a side of home made pone cornbread

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Bon Rappetite: The Cookbook is now on sale! The cookbook is packed with over 50 dishes, most never before seen on the site. We've got desserts, we've got cocktails, we've got rappetizers, and we've got 100 pages of beautiful images, delicious recipes, and hilarious hip hop inspired jokes.

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